Tuesday 4 September 2012

Monday Night Club - Lap record at Letchworth!

Ross Massey joined the karting hall of fame yesterday, breaking the lap record at Letchworth.
Monday Night Club gives you unlimited racing for just £22.95: you race as many sessions as you like between 6.30pm and 9pm, racing against our regulars and newcomers.
Letchworth's lap record has now been broken every month since May! Can it go any faster?
This week's tip: karts have solid rear axles, so power is lost during cornering. You can improve corner exit speeds by reducing weight on the inside rear wheel: corner smoothly and transfer as much weight as possible to the front and outside wheels. Watch the fastest drivers and learn to be smooth!
Here's this week's fastest drivers:
  • Birmingham - Russel Lewis 24.72s
  • Coventry - Alex Scott 19.19
  • Letchworth - Ross Massey 21.63s ** NEW LAP RECORD **
  • Reading - Paul Stevens 25.05s
Monday Night Club runs every Monday evening throughout 2012. Unbeatable racing at unbeatable prices!
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