Tuesday 14 August 2012

Monday Night Club - James McLennan gets gold!

James McLennan gets gold in the 450m sprint at Peterborough, smashing his own lap record with a stunning 24.20s.
James beat his own record set last week at Peterborough, and Coventry and Letchworth were also withon 0.3s of the lap record.
This week's tip: stay cool when everyone else is hot under the collar! You can't win the Grand Final on the first lap, but you can lose it on the first corner!
Here's this week's fastest drivers:
  • Coventry - Wiibollee 18.84s
  • Letchworth - Lloyd Scott 21.90s
  • Peterborough - James McLemman 24.20s ** NEW LAP RECORD **
  • Reading - Seb Domagala 21.65s
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