Wednesday 19 September 2012

Monday Night Club - Daniel Jones wins at Letchworth

Daniel Jones stole the lap record at Letchworth from regulars Ali Bray and Jason Tulk with a stunning 21.61s lap on Monday. This is the 3rd new lap record in 3 weeks, and the circuit is clearly getting faster all the time as new rubber is laid down.
Monday Night Club gives you unlimited racing for just £22.95: you race as many sessions as you like between 6.30pm and 9pm, racing against our regulars and newcomers.
This week's tip: maximum grip is not always on the usual racing line. Rough patches of track can be grippier than polished sections, and these might give you extra fractions of a second on each lap.
Here's this week's fastest drivers:
  • Birmingham - Jason Hodges 24.82s
  • Coventry - James Edees 18.59s
  • Letchworth - Daniel Jones 21.61s ** NEW LAP RECORD **
  • Peterborough - Nicky Narrainen 24.21s
  • Reading - Paul Stevens 25.91s
Monday Night Club runs every Monday evening throughout 2012. Unbeatable racing at unbeatable prices!
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