Friday 12 November 2010

Winter Karting

Kart racing tips from our senior Race Director, Ian Seager

Cold-Weather Racing Tips

Well winter has arrived and it's gone cold. Time to go Karting! Wrap up in warm clothing and wear a pair of gloves when driving. The karts will also be feeling the cold, the tyres will be operating well below optimum temperature and the kart will slide and squirm in the corners. Harsh use of the throttle and pedal will make the kart slide and steal away some of your speed. Be smooth with the steering on entry to the corner and squeeze gently on the throttle and brake pedals.

Remember a sliding kart is a slow kart! Armfuls of understeer and oversteer may make you think you are "right out there" at the limit but the fact is you are way past the limit of performance the tyres can provide and you are simply throwing away your speed! When it's cold, the tyres will not provide the grip that they do on a nice summer day. You need to work with them a bit. Be smooth with the throttle, brake and steering. Take less speed into the corner; avoid the kart sliding mid corner.

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