Friday 5 November 2010

Why Electric Karts?

Why does Teamworks Karting use electric karts? Everyone else uses much cheaper petrol or LPG karts, so why does Teamworks Karting pioneer the use of electrics?

Quite simply, electric karts are faster, cleaner, and more fun!

Comparison of Electric vs Combustion Engines
Teamworks Karting ElectricHonda 160ccHonda 200ccHonda 270cc/LPG
Power = 8.4kW3.6kW4.1kW6.0kW
Torque = 28.0Nm10.3Nm12.4Nm17.7Nm
Rapid accelerationKarts 'bog down' at low speeds
Clean airCarbon monoxide emissions
Professional facilitiesDirty track & race suits
Enjoy your catering!Petrol smells
No clutch/engine wear
(all karts same speed!)
Clutch & engines need servicing
(karts different speeds)
Hear the cheering!Deafening din!

What does all this mean for our customers? Faster, closer, cleaner racing! (...and it won't be long before emissions regulations mean all the other circuits start copying us!)

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