Thursday 5 July 2012

Monday Night Club - New lap record ...

Club night this week saw an incredible new lap record at Birmingham set by regular racer Moss Palmer.
Monday Night Club gives you unlimited racing for just £22.95: you race as many sessions as you like between 6.30pm and 9pm, racing against our regulars and newcomers.
Having equalled the lap record last week with a 24.14s time, this week Moss went a step better posting the all-time fastest lap of 23.97s! New front tyres on the Birmingham fleet have helped produce stunning racing. Peterborough and Reading also ran faster than last week.
This week's tip: whilst damp conditions reduce grip, high humidity increases grip considerably. Expect times to tumble as the weather warms up, especially if there's warm humid air.
Here's this week's fastest drivers:
  • Birmingham - Moss Palmer 23.97 ** NEW LAP RECORD **
  • Coventry - Nick Mayne 19.76s
  • Letchworth - Aaron Tulk (time being confirmed)
  • Peterborough - Martynas Pstyga 28.70s
  • Reading - Nick Grandison 26.50s
Monday Night Club runs every Monday evening throughout 2012. Unbeatable racing at unbeatable prices!
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