Wednesday 13 June 2012

Monday Night Club - Jason Tulk regains his title!

Club night on Monday saw ANOTHER lap record broken - for the 4th week running!
Ali Bray's record at Letchworth was won back by ... Jason Tulk, with a stunning time of 24.23!
The England/France football prevented racing at Coventry this week, but there were some very quick times set by everyone who avoided the football and came racing instead!
All 5 tracks are now running within frace12; a second of lap records. Will YOU be the next person to grace this leaderboard?
Here's this week's fastest drivers:
  • Birmingham - Toby Moore 24.30s
  • Letchworth - Jason Tulk 24.23s ** NEW LAP RECORD **
  • Peterborough - Martynas Pstyga 28.66s
  • Reading - TBC
Monday Night Club runs every Monday evening throughout 2012. Unbeatable racing at unbeatable prices!
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