Thursday 23 February 2012

Team-building events at Teamworks Karting

In these tough times the easiest option is to cut costs such as: external activities, team-building days, company away days. But in reality, the cost of NOT investing in team-building activities is similar to NOT servicing your car. In the short term it may save you money, but in the long term, your car gets worn down and eventually fails. Just like your team will! Imagine one of your 'worn out' team answering a sales call in a bad mood and losing you a big deal. Everyone is under pressure at the moment. Directors, Managers, Employees. A few hours or 1/2 a day or a whole day out of the office will cost employers,  in the short term, but the long term benefits to performance, absenteeism and motivation can be huge. Call the Team-building experts at Teamworks Karting on 08451803020 for more information and to find out how affordable these activities are. 

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