Sunday 20 November 2011

Lap Records

Ever wondered what time to beat? Here's our current lap records, all held by drivers in our Monday Night Club. No surprise there - you get unlimited racing for £21.95 and a chance to race against the best drivers around!

  • Birmingham - Vlad Giurgiu 22-Aug-11 24.54s
  • Coventry - Michael Bryant 07-Nov-11 18.90s
  • Letchworth - Jason Tulk 14-Nov-11 24.16s
  • Peterborough - Kevin Rigden 11-Jul-11 25.10s
  • Reading - Paul Stevens 14-Nov-11 20.77s

If you've not been down for a while, we've made a lot of changes to the circuits this year, including re-surfacing to provide extra grip at all tracks. Reading's lap times have tumbled by more than 30% and are still tumbling even in this colder weather!

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