Monday 3 October 2011

Facebook Competition Winners

You will have to excuse the lateness of this announcement; things have been pretty busy here at Teamworks over the last couple of months, thanks to our half price kids promotion that ran through the Summer holidays and big efforts all round with regards to getting our newest circuit in Coventry ready for launch... Which happened over the weekend!

Be one of the first on the grid, limited places are still available throughout the coming weeks, you can book online or call Sharon or Nicola on 0845 180 3020.

August Winner

So then, without further delay the Facebook competition winner for the month of August is.... Catherine Feast! Congratulations Catherine we loved the enthusiasm that you managed to capture in your snap, we hope you enjoyed your session at our tack in Letchworth, and now that you can lay claim to 2x Open Grand Prix passes there are no excuses for not coming back soon!

September Winner

As the months have raced by we also have an announcement for September's lucky winner who also gets their hands on 2x Open Grand Prix passes... Congratulations to Arslan Zahirud whose photo kept us laughing for quite a while!

The month of October is well under way now and we look forward to more of your shared photos and videos this month, keep them coming!

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