Friday 31 December 2010

Karting Tips - So, You Want to WIN?

Kart racing tips from our senior Race Director, Ian Seager

So, you want to WIN?

Couple of top tips when racing. Learn to look “through” the kart that is close in front and “look” at the track instead. This keeps you driving at maximum speed and stops you following the guy in front straight into his accident should he make a mistake! If the kart in front spins DO NOT WATCH IT! You will simply spin with him. Finally, always, always, always go round the back of a spinning kart. If you try to turn inside him he will hit you!

So you want to win the event? You are going to have to get in the final first! The way to do this is score points, and the way to do this is to finish as far up as possible in each race! You are going to need to overtake at least 1 kart, maybe 2 karts on average in each race. So crashing trying to go past a third kart and thus finishing last is not a good idea. If you luck a load of overtakes when some people mess up, bank them. Be calm, wait the whole race if necessary to safely overtake the odd kart. Crashing and coming back having dropped two or three places is not good!

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