Friday 15 October 2010

Karting Tips - Overtaking

Kart racing tips from our senior Race Director, Ian Seager


People think that they should always be able to overtake. If it was easy I’d be on television every weekend driving an F1 car! The simple overlooked fact is that you need to be faster than the person in front at some point on the track. If you are much faster you will get past easily. If you are close on speed then you will need to work at it. The best way to slow the person in front down is to make him defend. He will take a slower line to block you if he thinks you might pass him, leaving you a faster line out of the corner and now you are suddenly much faster than him and able to breeze past. You may need to do this for several corners before finally outfoxing him. Be sure to wave as you go past!

OK are you going to simply drive past on the straight, go round someone in the corner or outbrake them when you arrive at a corner. Without a magic wand you are going to have to do one of these if you are going to pass the kart in front. The first is easiest but you will need to be faster through the corner onto the straight to make it work. Going round someone in a corner only works if they are really slow; it’s normally step one on the way to the scene of your accident! Outbraking is the easiest but you must be very close since braking distances in karting are short.

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