Friday 3 September 2010

Karting tips - Steering

Kart racing tips from our senior Race Director, Ian Seager


Lots of people come karting after playing racing games on their Playstation and think that all you have to do is turn the wheel to get round the corner. If only it was that simple! The steering on a kart is very direct, which means that only a very small turn of the wheel results in a big change of direction. You have to learn to be precise. Also, whenever you are tunring the wheel you are using power to turn (due to tyre grip) and thus losing speed., thus learn to minimise your steering inputs. Finally, as you turn the wheel the grip builds up in the front wheels to turn the kart. If you turn the wheel too quickly the front wheels will lose grip and you will run wide in the corner! Watch a very quick driver and you will notice that he hardly ever seems to turn the wheel. He has learnt all these lessons!

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