Friday 23 July 2010

Karting Tips - Sitting in the Kart

Kart racing tips from our senior Race Director, Ian Seager

Sitting in the kart

It’s really important to sit correctly. When you are driving around your brain is continually getting messages about what the kart is doing (turning, sliding, accelerating and braking) and your eyes are always looking for where you are driving towards. To control all these movements you are going to be moving your arms and legs, almost without thinking. So that you always use the same movements, and keep your centre of gravity always in the same position, sit correctly and consistently in each kart. Sit right back in the seat, shoulder blades against the seat. Hold the wheel comfortably with both hands and your arms slightly bent. Legs should still be bent even when you push down on both pedals. Now you’re set to win!

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